Welcome to Relax Bookings!

We are a family business. My wife and I got into this business because we share a deep passion for travel, and we wanted to help other passionate travelers pursue their dreams without much stress, and in the most cost-efficient ways. Our affiliation with Cruises and Tours Unlimited, a top-tier travel agency in the country, gives us unfettered access to some of the biggest travel suppliers (vendors) in the industry. 

When you give us a call, we will help you customize your trip to your exact needs and find the supplier with the best products and pricing that will make you smile. PLEASE, DO NOT JUST WALK AWAY IF THE PRICE YOU FIND ON OUR WEBSITE ISN'T WHAT YOU HOPED FOR- GIVE US A CALL. We want your business as much as we want to retain your loyalty, so we will do our VERY best for YOU. To guarantee higher savings, we encourage you to package your travel as much as, and whenever possible, i.e. book flight+cruise+hotel+car, or any combination of two or more products together.

  Our undertaking is to put you on that cruise, or to facilitate that once-in-a- lifetime vacation experience for you and or your family. Whatever it is- whether it's a weekend get-away, or a group trip, we’ve got you covered.

Please go ahead and poke around, find what you need and then contact us. We do not maintain strict office hours, so call us anytime. If we miss your call however, please leave us a detailed message for us to return your call. Better still, complete the "contact" form with your planned travel details so we can call you back with pricing estimates. Have fun exploring the site!